února 24, 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, dear visitors;

allow us to welcome you to our webpage, which promotes this unique art project called Slavs in pictures and poetry. This project should culminate in a release of an illustrated book, which main theme would be the culture of Slavic nations. We believe, that even today, it is important to remind ourselves of our roots, and so we would like to offer you our vision of the world around us. We would like to do that by combining art, poetry and esthetics with mysticism and legacy of our ancestors.

 you find the project interesting, you can read more about it HERE or you can watch our promotional video (in czech language with english subtitles) at the end of the article. We would be very grateful for every support, as it would help us in a big way :-)

Thanks to Jan Fischer for filming this video; you can see more of his work HERE.


února 24, 2018

We have already managed to get several sponsors on board. First, we would like to thank companies Design Development and 1845 holding, which decided to support our project from the very beggining. If you are interested in becoming the sponsor of our project, feel free to contact us, we would be happy to answer any of the questions you might have. Because we don't want anything for free, everyone, who becomes the sponsor will get an advertising space at the end of our book where he will recieve a thank you from the authors and might choose a short text which will appear there along with a link of his choosing. In addition, you will get a certain amount of signed copies of the book. It is also possible to arrange a meeting in person to discuss individual details of the deal.
Design Development
1845 holding




Panslavic anthem