About project

Slavs in pictures and poetry is the art project, which should lead to the release of an illustrated book of the same name. The book will be a story of a journey of magical ornamentalists through the lands of the Slavic nations, where, as the National Revivalists before us, we will discover the bits and pieces of a folk culture, traditions and history of said nations. Our aim is to faithfully capture at least part of this experience into a book for the reader to enjoy. Views of each companion on this journey would be very different as one will experience it from the perspective of an artist, the other from the perspective of a poet. We do not want, however, the book to be an encyclopedia or a historic or geographic paper. We strive to make the book nice to read as well as full of interesting information. There will also be illustrations and poems in the book, which will help the viewer understand the very essence of every Slavic nation. Our main idea is not to revive the 19th century Panslavism, but to promote culture and traditions of our countries, as well as respect of the legacy of our ancestors and last but not least, to encourage the Slavic consciousness as the basis of a friendship between our countries.

While writing
 the book, we will be very public about our endeavors, as you will be able to see the progress updates on illustrations, poems and text on our webpage and social media accounts. In addition, we will publish regular articles concerning topics related to Slavs. When the book is finished, we would like the publish it with the help of the crowdfunding campaign. We would be very grateful, if you supported us (you can find information on how to support the making of this book HERE).

And who
 are we, the men behind this project? We are a group of young people, who decided that they want to do something more, in addition to their work or studies. We want to present our ideas and our work to a wide audience. Our ultimate goal is to revive folk and spiritual traditions, mysticism and mighty power of symbols, to remind people of our history and to together build the spirit of pride, which will help our Slavic nations to overcome our grievances.

Here, you can learn a bit of information about each and every one of us.

MUC. Jan Hachran

Author of ilustrations and texts, spiritual father of the project

Jan Hachran is the student of general medicine at the 3rd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and additionally, the young independent painter and artist, who, thanks to his study of history, Judeo-Christian mysticism, Slavic cultural heritage and European esotheric tradition adds another dimension to contemporary art. His aim si to create something new, beautiful, mysterious, something that contains certain mythological story and something that can spiritually uplift an individual and in turn a humanity as a whole. Pick any of his art – each is an original with unique worldview, but each one also contains powerful message about something great and mysterious that exceeds our comprehension. His art is contemporary but still a bit special. It incorporates methods such as modern printing or usage of exclusive materials, all that underlined by an honest tradition of Czech craftsmanship. He makes most of his art using his own special technique of screen printing on gold foil. His illustrations are combination of drawings and subsequent colouring with Indian ink. 

You can find more about him and his art HERE.

Jakub Křelina

Author of poems

Jakub Křelina studies the History of European Culture at the Catholic Theological Faculty of Charles University and is also a young poet, who, thanks to his love and his study of history is making a deep poetry. This deep poetry stems not only from his surroundings, which is full of history but also from his great heart, which beats in the rhytmn of his wild and deep poems and tries to introduce the people to beautiful poetry. In his opinion, poetry shouldn´t be just admired, but one should also think about it and try to use the message and inspiration for a brighter future.

You can find more about him and his poems HERE.

Bc. Miroslav Mlynář

Author of illuminated initials

Miroslav Mynář is a theoretical physicist (he graduated at Palacký Univesity in Olomouc), pedagogue, philosopher, poet and an artist with lifelong and profound interest in the study of both Western and Eastern esotheric traditions, which he also studies practically. His vast experience and knowledge of occultism is then projected into his work. He likes to make his art with several layers of meaning, which aims to push the viewer´s spirit over the edge of normal thinking and perception. He also tries to use his findings to educate the people, therefore he sometimes holds lectures concerning various occcult topics. He is also interested in painting using acrylate colours and also in line art which he colours using an Indian ink or acrylate colours.

You can find more about him and his work HERE.

Lukáš Horák

Graphic designer

Lukáš Horák was born in Mariánské Lázně, where he studied to be a cook at the Mariánské Lázně hotel school. But he always preferred to work with a computer instead, co he moved to Prague, where he began his studies at Střední škola Mediální grafiky a tisku s.r.o to be a reproductive graphic designer for media with emphasis on promotion and advertising.

 realized he enjoys studying this dscipline very much and after graduating, he started to work as an external employee for TermoTisk s.r.o. as an DTP graphic designer. Currently, his work focuses on graphical design and he also closely collaborates with artist Jan Hachran.




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