Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a pro - russian?

The Russians are the largest and most powerful slavic nation and of course we are respecting it. As creators, we try to approach our nations fraternally and all of them are considered equal and we act accordingly. It's like in a human society, where one person is strong, another fast, another good in mathematics and another in chemistry. We want to say, that all of our nations are part of a slavic group, where everyone, regardless of their number, is just as important. In addition, we try to be historically neutral, not to revive mutual disputes, that ultimately weaken us, therefore we are neither not pro - russian, not pro - ukrainian, not pro - croatian, not pro - serbian or any other onesided pro - , we are generally proud of our slavonicity as a part of our identity and we promote cooperation that will not be in the interest of some, but cooperation that will benefit everyone.

Are you panslavists?

Panslavism is a romanticized idea, that at first glance looks nice, but needs to be criticized in the context of contemporary and historical political reality. We therefore feel only partially affiliated with the idea of Panslavism, especially in terms of building cultural cooperation and friendship. However, we remain in the positions drawn by Karel Havlíček Borovský, who said: "First of all Czech (or any other slavic nation), then Slav.”

Are you linked to any political party or movement?

No, we are only a group of young artists, who wishes to make their thoughts known to a public and gradually get these thoughts into its subconscious through artistic creation. Of course, we can overlap with different other companies, but most of us are individualists, who want to come up with their own paths, that offer our work and ideas to others, who choose freely, whether they are sympathetic to them and want to follow them.




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