Five questions for Jakub Křelina

1. Could you introduce yourself as a personality and poet?

My name is Jakub Křelina and I am a student of history at Charles University and also a poet who, in his poetic work, is inspired by historical, religious or patriotic currents. In my view, these values are necessary to maintain the cultural status of every human being.

2. Do you have any idol in your life or in your work?

In my work I have a wealth of literary sources, among which I would mention the creation of the renowned renaissance humanist and poet Dante Alighieri, who fascinated me with his journey in the Divine comedy. I have from him the idea, that the poet should have done his work imaginatively to carry man though the hell, the purgatory and the paradise to allow the reader to become Dante himself for a moment, because that is the true magic of poetry.

3. What will be your role in the project Slavs in pictures and poetry and why did you decide to join it?

In this work I will primarily participate as a poet who, thanks to his verses, will revive important national elements and signs of the slavic nations. When I have mentioned slavicity as such, I must point out, that its significance is very important to us, though true meaning of this value is being lost today. I would like to work together with the author of texts and illustrations the artist Jan Hachran, with whom I have already worked on my first collection of poems called Poetry, to return this true meaning. I joined this project mainly because of my love for history, which has been shaped by a number of changes and influences, including slavicity in our country.

4. What do they mean for you or how do you generally perceive terms such as slavicity, pride, tradition, identity?

If I had to comment on the value of Slavicity as such, I would first mention the consciousness of language unity, as well as culture, that is linked to foundations of our religious roots and literary heritage. We also need to think about the importance of a mutual relationship, that is unfortunately slowly losing today and regrettably turning into a mere historical concept. This situation leads me to the fact, that it is necessary to remember, to still realistically perceive and to recognize mutual similarities, because each of us has blood of our slavic ancestors, that should flow. There should not be a fictitious wall among our (slavic) nations, to which we have already attached by ancient ties.

5. Are you preparing any poetry reading in the near future?

Of course I'm preparing, because I see poetry reading as the best opportunity for literary propagation. And not only that, because I can get the audience's rich response and at the same time I have the chance to get to know new friends, who are interested in art. But what is most important to me is to convey to others an unforgettable experience, because the poet is actually a doctor of souls awaiting the necessary dose of caressing to move further in time.




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