Five questions for Miroslav Mlynář

1. Could you introduce yourself as a personality and artist?

My name is Miroslav Mlynář and I come from Moravia. I graduated in General physics and Mathematical physics at the Palacký University in Olomouc. At present I am dedicated to my artistic career. I work with acrylic paints, with pen and with artistic ink. My philosophy of life I summarized in these few words: "Give, receive, enjoy, keep, get rid of the hindrances, go further, forgive and help."

2. Do you have any idol in your life or in your work?

Yes, of course, but I certainly do not belong among those, who only copy the works of other artists. I always try to find my own individual path and inspire others with my work and personalities. My greatest example is the swiss artist H. R. Giger, who is now unfortunately dead. In his works the human depth is connected with careful detailed technique of work. The rest can be found on my facebook pages.

3. What will be your role in the project Slavs in pictures and poetry and why did you decide to join it?

When I heard from Honza (Jan Hachran) about the upcoming project, I had an idea to create decorative initials to the text like in old manuscripts. The idea was taken over and I was accepted for the project.

4. What do they mean for you or how do you generally perceive terms such as slavicity, pride, tradition, identity?

I perceive slavicity as one of the many roots, which I can inspire from.

5. Are you preparing any exhibitions in the near future?

Yes, of course, just for example - Brno, Prague, Zábřeh. You can see more on my facebook pages.




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