Let's get inspired by Svéráz

The first Czechoslovakian republic is in our history a period, that has something to say to us also today, and by which we can inspire in many ways. It was an interesting time, when healthy patriotism raised and people were proud of their country and their slavic origin. They had a vivid memories, that they had to fight for their Homeland, and thanks to that they could have been much more respect to their country than most people today. National idea at that time manifested itself in many different ways, even in clothing. In Czechoslovakia a new fashion style called Svéráz was created in the 1920s. It was based on a combination of urban clothing and folklore elements. Its goal was to raise patriotism among people in the city and to promote the slavic idea.

We have to say, that even today this idea is up to date, perhaps even more up to date than it once was. Today there is mostly a globalized culture, so people around the world dress themselves almost the same way. Regional differences disappear and most people only want to buy only western branded clothing. However we Czechs and Slavs in general should have a mind of its own and like Alfons Mucha in his paintings, we should not be afraid to show to the world the beauty of our culture. Why blindly accept foreign, when we can offer our own and better? Try to inspire by the first republic Svéráz and add to your wardrobe some traditional piece. It does not have to be as distinctly as the spiritual father of our project Jan Hachran in the picture, which in the winter occasionally completes the classic suit with a traditional coat originally from Horňácko. It can be just the inconspicuous embroidery or any other little thing, that will remind us everyday, who we really are...




Panslavic anthem