Graphics "The Ukrainians" completed

Dear friends!
Our spiritual father and main illustrator Jan Hachran few days ago completed a series of special gilded artistic graphics called “The Ukrainians“, which motif will also serve as an illustration of the ukrainian nation in our upcoming book Slavs in pictures and poetry. 
Now are completed expect Ukrainians also Russians and in the next few weeks golden graphics of Poles and Lusatian Sorbs will follow. In our book each slavic nation will have their own illustration, that will capture its essence and pass it on to its readers; in addition, there will be also illustrations accompanying text and decorative initials. If you keep follow us, you will see the development of it all from the beginning to the end.

Brief description of the picture: 
In the middle is tryzub with the inscriptions of the coats of arms of ukrainian cities and regions, above him the holy patron of Ukraine Saint Vladimir of Kiev, which sends blessing to the country in the form of a dove. Under tryzub is old Kiev, on the left is zaporozhian cossack, on the right is girl in traditional folk costume symbolizing the fecundity of the country.

You will can buy these graphics signed by author in our shop HERE or you can contact us directly and we will agree about the way of payment and delivery. By purchasing it you will not only get a fine artistic work, but you will also support the publishing of our upcoming book Slavs in pictures and poetry.

Name of the picture: The Ukrainians
Technique: art print with colors and gold foil
Size: A3
Author: Jan Hachran
Price: 27 USD + + 7 USD for postage and packing or 23 EUR + 6 EUR for postage and packing, in case of sending cash on delivery to the price is added 1 EUR or 1,2 USD

P.S .: In fact the picture looks much better, but unfortunately it's hard to capture a large gold surface on the photo.




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