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We warmly invite you to a facebook group called The slavic project - creators and fans, which will serve as a platform where we, as authors of the book, will meet with people interested in this project, who want to discuss with us about its development or, in general, about all related topics. If you decide to join, we will be glad to welcome you; we hope you will like this group and we are also asking newcomers to respect these five basic rules of the group:

1) The main topics of the group are Slavs and individual slavic nations, panslavism, eurasianism, history, traditions, folklore, slavic languages, architecture, monuments, identity, politics, geography, orthodoxy and traditional catholicism, slavonic paganism, jokes and humorous pictures of all kinds and, of course, our beautiful slavic girls and women :-) So please do not add posts that do not touch the topics listed above at least a little. Any ad, spam or posts, that violate the facebook rules, will be immediately cleared.
2) Do not add blank profiles or people, who are not interested in these topics. We do not want to waste time discussing with trolls.
3) Treat others with respect. We are a project, that wants to build friendship among slavic peoples, because we believe, that our mutual contradictions only weaken us and that is why we do not want here chauvinists, who will roughly offend other slavic nations.
4) In the group all people without distinction of nationality, who are actively interested in slavicity, are welcome.
5) Administrators reserve the right to apply these rules at their own discretion and, if necessary, to modify or supplement them.

With respect
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