Memorial graphics "1918 - 2018" completed

Dear friends!
Our spiritual father, main author of texts and main illustrator Jan Hachran a few days ago just completed a series of special golden graphics called "1918-2018", which we publish on the occasion of the 100 anniversary of the foundation of Czechoslovakia, the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes and the restoration of Poland. The motif will also serve as an title page of the autumn issue of the magazine published by Slovanská unie (Slavic union) in the interslavic language.

The author describes his work as follows: 
"The central motif of the image is the rising phoenix with peacock feathers and flames around symbolizing the rebirth of Czechoslovakia, Poland and the Kingdom of the SHS. The form of peacock is intentional in this case, because it has been a symbol of al - seeing and sacredness since ancient times. In addition, it also represents resurrection, renewal, and immortality, because it plucks its feathers every year and then it grows new in time. In this context the alchemists linkened him with a legendary phoenix and besides the symbol of peacock could also be used to designate a specific part of the process of transmutation of matter. It was previously believed, that he eat snakes and poisonous plants, whose poisons convert to the shiny colors of their feathers. His blood was also used to expel evil spirits. All these aspects can symbolically be associated with the rebirth of our three slavic states, if you have a bit of imagination. At the same time it can remind us the mythical fire bird from the slavic mythology, which is described as a rare, flaming bird with beautiful feathers in red, orange and yellow, which can bring happiness and blessing to the owner. One of his feathers is enough to illumination of the whole room. In some later versions it was portrayed rather as a flaming peacock, which I follow in my painting. The phoenix in the whole composition also symbolically separates the earthly sphere, where the figures of the slavic men and women in the serbian, croatian, slovenian, polish, czech (represented by moravian ones from Podluží), slovak, ruthenian, macedonian and montenegrin folk costumes, from the heavenly sphere, where on the left is the Svantovít as the pagan protector of Slavs and symbol of our pagan epoch, on the right Archangel Michael as a christian defender of Slavs and a symbol of our christian era. Among them are saints patrons of individual countries and nations, from the right you can see St. Wenceslas (holy patron of the Czech lands), Our Lady of Częstochowa (holy patron of Poland), Saint Sava (holy patron of Serbia) and Saint Joseph (holy patron of Slovenia and Croatia). When we look at the picture in more detail, we realize, that its essence is defacto the description of the alchemical process, when from the mythic altar, to which the sacrifices were brought, including the sacrifices of those, who sacrificed their lives for our countries (it is symbolized by the skull), from the ash rises in fire the phoenix. This was described in more detail above, but I just add, that the fact it is doubleheaded is a symbol of the Roman and Byzantine empire, the legacy of which we are the heirs. On the altar we find the symbol of the Slavic union, which is the letter S written in the glagolitic script. This is derived not only from the simple reflection of S as the Slavs, but also from the fact, that the Slavs are the people of the Word (Logos). In my image it reminds the biblical phrase: "... at the beginning was the Word ...", but I do not refer to the Bible itself, rather I used this symbol in connection with the idea of ​​the italian renaissance philopher and magician Marsilio Ficino, who said, that every thought or idea we write or utter is basically a magic, which has the potential to influence future things. So I refer to the pronounced and written ideas of the personalities of our national revivals, who was at the beginning, and who in words and letters put into motion the events, that led to the birth of our slavic countries after many years of foreign domination. Over the phoenix there are three stars that symbolize three branches of Slavs - the eastern, western and southern. The floral ornaments, that intertwine through the whole picture all seem to be based on the phoenix tail, which is a reference to rebirth, new life and prosperity. Their dominant color is, among others, deep red, which in slavic folklore symbolizes life, sun, fire, fertility and health. The whole composition is crowned at the top, which underlines the successful conclusion of our centuries - long effort ..."

You can buy the graphic signed by author HERE in our e - shop or you can contact us by email or by phone. By purchasing it you will not only get a nice piece of art and a memory on this year's anniversary, but you will also support the publishing of our upcoming book.

Name of the picture: 1918 - 2018
Technique: art print with colors and gold foil
Size: A4 (the size of the image itself, otherwise the overall size of the paper, on which the image is printed, is A3)
Author: Jan Hachran
Price: 26 USD + 7 USD for postage and packing or 23 EUR + 6 EUR for postage and packing, in case of sending cash on delivery to the price is added 1 EUR or 1,2 USD

P.S .: In fact the picture looks much better, but unfortunately it's hard to capture a large gold surface on the photo.




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