Our spiritual father and main illustrator Jan Hachran became a knight of the Order of Saint Constantine and Helen

On Saturday 25th May, our spiritual father, main illustrator and author of the texts Jan Hachran was knighted in the presence of the head of the georgian - armenian royal family Irakli Bagration on the knight of the Order of Saint Constantine and Helen, which derives its origin from the retinue appointed by the roman emperor Constantine the Great to protect the military banner with Christ's monogram (the so - called Holy Labarum). This story is rather symbolic; historically the first mention comes from the 12th century from the Byzantine empire in conjunction with emperor Isaac II. Angelos, who in 1190 connected it with the Order of Saint George and subordinated it to the rules of Saint Basil. Only members of the byzantine aristocracy could become members of it. After the conquest of Constantinople by the Turks most of the byzantine noble families emigrated mainly to southern Italy, where it was converted into a classical latin rite knight order, which continued with breaks of varying length for centuries. Later it was divided into several branches and in the 20th century on the basis of a previous agreement was one of these branches established under the auspices of the orthodox church. This decision was not just a return to byzantine roots, but it could help spread the Order of Saint Constantine and Helen to the orthodox countries of eastern and southeastern Europe. A knight in this branch became in Switzerland in the 1960s the descendant of the princely family Adalbert Esterházy, who later established a branch of the Order in the Czech lands. Today this branch of the Order of Saint Constantine and Helen operates not only in central and eastern Europe, but also in other parts of the world.

In the photo above the article and in photos no. 4, 5 and 6 below the article you can see Jan Hachran personally during the act of knighting. In the fifth photography, he is shaking hand with the above - mentioned Irakli Bagration, present head of the georgian - armenian royal family of Bagration.

About the Order (only in czech language): https://epochalnisvet.cz/pozoruhodny-pribeh-byzantskeho-radu/
Most of the photos is borrowed from the webpage of the Order, original source HERE - http://orderofknights.org/fotografie




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