Small treatise about nowadays

Our time is characterized by the fact that, due to various social and political processes, human is gradually being thrown out of his natural environment in the name of globalization. Gradually we become witnesses of the lack of love for the Homeland, lack of the respect for the family and the elders, lack of the respect for nature and for the spiritual powers, that all of us exceeds. 

Anyone solves the problems of the other side of the world without looking around in his own country, where his help would be much more beneficial. Human should be perceived as a being, who has both physical and spiritual needs and on the basis of this, natural friendship between peoples and cultures should be cultivated with what we have common, but also with what we have different, but instead of this is cultivated globally an artificial cult of globalized mankind without values, traditions or any other anchoring. It's hard to be a traditionalist today, but it's also more important than ever before. 

The solution of today's state is, that each of us would start with himself to transform traditionalism from purely personal beliefs to active value. We do not have to do much, it is enough to bring up ourselves and our children consistently to respect for what the generations have built before us, to give them respect for our country and work, take them occasionally to the countryside or to nature, talk to them about history and in a positive and natural way give them to our slavic and national culture. No one else will do it for us...




Panslavic anthem