The cufflinks with the motif of slavic blossom by Jan Hachran

Our spiritual father and main illustrator Jan Hachran prepares the things, you will can purchase (if you will like it) to support the publishing of our book. In addition to prepared gilded graphics from the illustrations, that will appear in the book, it will be for example these Cufflinks with the motif of slavic blossom, which you can see on the picture.

The stylized floral ornament is one of the most typical elements of slavic and thus czech folk culture. The ornament was not only decorative, but also purely magical, because it should protect its wearer from the effects of evil forces. Slavic costumes and garments were therefore richly embroidered in certain places to prevent bad spiritual entities from entering the human body. It performed the same function around windows and house entrances. Color symbolism was also important, and the most important color was bright red, because it symbolized fire, life, sun, beauty, fertility, health, home, and that is why the red flower is symbolically placed in the middle...

You can buy these cufflinks in our e - shop HERE or you can contact us and we agree about the way of payment and delivery. The goods are delivered in an original gift box.

Technique: embossing in jewelery metal + enameling, made by a small czech company according to the design by Jan Hachran, treated with varnish against corrosion and scratching
Size: 2,3 x 2,5 cm
Author: Jan Hachran
Price: 25 USD + 5 USD for postage and packing or 22 EUR + 4 EUR for postage and packing




Panslavic anthem