The women's scarf with motif of the goddess Marzanna

The women's scarf with motif of the goddess Marzanna was created by our spiritual father and the main illustrator of the upcoming book Jan Hachran, who regularly every year prepares women's scarves with the theme of various goddesses of ancient times. This year he decided to connect this series with the project Slavs in pictures and poetry and the result is this scarf.

Marzanna was the old slavic goddess of winter and death, which symbolized one of the parts of the cycle of nature, when everything seemingly dies to be reborn in the spring again, which is symbolized by the goddess Vesna. The scarf is made in winter colors, except the color edge. It is made to remind us the aspects of winter, which are associated with the cold and darkness, as well as the beauty, which winter can create. The colorful edges are strongly inspired by one bulgarian folk pattern and are reminiscent of flowers, which create cold in the winter on the windows, and which, after the sun's light on it, have all the colors of the rainbow. Interesting is, that the whole scarf is designed to fit Luna and Saturn as far as possible from planetary correspondence. By purchasing this scarf you will not only get a nice piece of art, but you will also support the publication of our upcoming book Slavs in pictures and poetry.

You can buy the scarfs in our e - shop HERE or you can contact us and we will agree about the way of payment and delivery. The goods are delivered in an original gift box.

Technique: art print on fabric, created according to the handmade design
Material: artificial silk
Size: 80 x 80 cm
Author: Jan Hachran
Price: 75 USD + 3 USD for postage and packing or 70 EUR + 3 EUR for postage and packing

P.S .: In fact the scarf looks much better, but unfortunately it's hard to capture so large colorful surface on the photo.




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