The women's scarf with motif of the goddess Lada

The women's scarf with motif of the goddess Lada was created by our spiritual father and the main illustrator of the upcoming book Jan Hachran, who regularly every year prepares women's scarves with the theme of various goddesses of ancient times. This year, same as the previous one, he decided to connect this series with the project Slavs in pictures and poetry and the result is this scarf.

Lada was a slavic and maybe also baltic goddess of love, beauty, marriage, sowing and plowing, whose existence we conclude from the records of old chronicles, in which she is compared to the ancient roman Venus and ancient Leto and Demeter, and from some traces in national folklores. In the first half of the twentieth century researchers considered it a myth created in the times of romanticism and national revivals of the 19th century, but later other ethnographic and historical researches were made, according to which her cult was most probably authentic...

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Technique: art print on fabric, created according to the handmade design
Material: artificial silk
Size: 80 x 80 cm
Author: Jan Hachran
Price: 75 USD + 3 USD for postage and packing or 70 EUR + 3 EUR for postage and packing

P.S .: In fact the scarf looks much better, but unfortunately it's hard to capture so large colorful surface on the photo.




Panslavic anthem