Artistic project Slavs in pictures and poetry finally starting

Dear friends! 
It is an honour to announce, that highly anticipated magico-ornamentalist project Slavs in pictures and poetry has finally been launched. In coming months you will be able to keep up with the process of making the book full of poems, illustrations, mysticism and magical journey, which shouldn´t only be fun to read, but also to remind the reader of our mutual roots and to capture the essence of individual nations and the basis of the idea of Slavic companionship.

Today´s time is truly
 fascinating in many ways, there are however also many negative things to say about it. Too often we hear that the values and ideas of our ancestors, that they followed for a thousands of years are too old fashioned, unnecessary, or even dangerous. We definitely don´t share these opinions as we think the exact opposite. The most valuable thing that the nation can posses is their history, stories, folklore and traditions. We don´t want our unique traditions and traits to dissapear. Quite contrary, we want to protect and promote them and to present them to the outside world as our quality, so in the metaphorical mosaic of the world, the Slavs are one of the most beautiful pieces.

Even many
 of the leading philosophers of the end of 19th century and the first half of 20th century said, that there is an enormous potential in us and that the next century will be ours. It will, hovever, not come without hard work, so we must all do our best to make it so and we want to inspire others in fun and interesting way by offering them our book. 

If you are interested in our project, feel free to support us, for which we would be extremely grateful. You can also follow us on various social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube), to see the progress we are making on the project. 

For the collective of authors
Jan Hachran
The suffering of Slavs in their original Homeland; Author: Alfons Mucha




Panslavic anthem