We have commemorated soldiers fallen during the liberation of the Czechoslovakia

In May (8th May and 9th May) in the slavic countries we commemorate the anniversary of the end of the last battles of World War 2 in Europe. We think it is important to remind the the great sacrifice of the Slavs in the fight against german nazism and to bow down to the immense courage of our grandfathers, who by their love for the Homeland, by their determination and by their will to live, have overcome a powerful enemy.

On this occasion, same as last year, we visited a military burial ground at the Olšanské hřbitovy in Prague, where soldiers (soviet soldiers, soldiers from british Commonwealth, bulgarian soldiers and also prague insurgents), who participated in the liberation of Czechoslovakia, were buried. With respect we have left a bouquet of lilacs here and we walked silently among the monuments. When we read the names on tombstones, dates of birth and death, we found, that most of the soldiers lying here were just as old or even younger as we (most of them about 20 years old), which led us to think about what the young people like us once had to do to make their and our countries liberated. It's admirable, how great personal sacrifice they brought and we should not forget.

So on these days let's take some time and remember the soldiers and ordinary people of all nations of the east and west, who, in this conflict, laid their lives for us and our future. If time permits, stop for a moment at a memorial and think for a moment about those, who have fallen here and at least in thoughts honor their memory, because if they were not there, we would probably not even be here. Love for life, which is typical for Slavs, will always overwhelm the dark cult of death and hate then represented by nazi Germany and its anti - slavic ideology of Lebensraum in central and Eastern Europe...




Panslavic anthem