We remembered Easter traditions of the slavic nations

In April we celebrated Easter in slavic countries - first the catholic one (in the Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland, Lusatia, Croatia, Slovenia and part of Bosnia and Herzegovina) and a week later those orthodox ones (in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Macedonia and part of Bosnia and Herzegovina). We decided to use this opportunity on our Facebook page and we published a special series, which aimed to remember the folk traditions associated with this magical period, which is a mixture of christian and pagan mysticism. Our goal was not only to wish people a wonderful Easter and a relaxing and peaceful time, but as is customary on our page, we as traditionalists wanted also to remember the true meaning of Easter, which is, except the originally pagan welcome of spring and the celebration of the life, which awakens after the winter, also the aforementioned reminder of the last days of Jesus Christ.

So we appeal here too - do not forget the folk traditions of our nations, which are beautiful and unique in their own way - keep them and protect them, because in them is a huge wealth of our Homelands and nations.

P.S .: The series with individual contributions you can find on our Facebook page.




Panslavic anthem